Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for myRookie

What is myRookie and how does it redefine sports scouting?

myRookie is a groundbreaking platform transforming the rugby recruitment landscape by connecting qualified players with top scouts and clubs globally. Our advanced matching algorithms enhance the recruitment journey by pairing players’ unique abilities with rugby teams’ specific needs, catering to everyone from enthusiastic amateurs to seasoned professionals.

Who can benefit from myRookie?

Whether you are a rugby player looking to elevate your career, a scout seeking the perfect addition to your team roster, or a club aiming to discover and foster top talents, myRookie is your go-to destination. Focusing on fairness, performance, and team spirit, myRookie is the nexus where ambitions meet opportunities.


What makes myRookie unique?

An unwavering commitment to merit-based opportunities sets myRookie apart. We ensure equal visibility for players and verify all profiles, thus fostering an environment where opportunities are earned through talent and potential. Additionally, our platform is truly international, supporting multiple languages and catering to a diverse community of rugby enthusiasts.


How can I get recruited in rugby?

It’s straightforward with myRookie. Simply sign up directly via our platform or download our app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Create your profile and dive right into the world of rugby opportunities.


How can I get noticed by a scout?

After downloading our app, create your profile and update your digital sports CV. With a complete profile, recruiters will be able to spot you more quickly.


How does one recruit in rugby?

Upon downloading our app, create your profile and post your recruitment advert. You’ll have access to numerous player profiles which you can compare to select your talent.


Understanding myRookie subscriptions and services:

myRookie offers a range of membership plans tailored to meet various needs. Explore our pricing page for detailed information on our free and premium options. Subscriptions (monthly or annual) unlock premium features that enhance your rugby career or your recruitment process. If you need to adjust your subscription, you can manage it in your account settings or refer to our terms of use for guidance.


Is myRookie accessible to me?

Yes, myRookie’s doors are open to users around the world. The availability of recruiters and opportunities may vary, but our platform adapts to your location and language, enabling you to connect and engage with the rugby community wherever you are.


How can I connect to myRookie support?

Reach out to us at or through our contact form on the website. Our dedicated customer service team is ready to assist with any inquiries.


Our Core Values:

At the heart of myRookie lies a set of values that propel us forward: solidarity, team spirit, performance, humility, tenacity, passion, enjoyment, and fairness. These guide us as we continuously work to ensure the integrity of our platform and the privacy of our users through stringent security measures and adherence to strict data protection standards.