Eric Anselme

Founder & CEO

From the beginning of my career, I encountered difficulties to evolve in my discipline, as a player I had to manage to integrate various teams around the world. Now coach I face the same problems, at the time of recruitment. I know that many players dream of evolving in their discipline, and this around the world. That's why I created myRookie, to give everyone the chance to flourish in his discipline, according to his abilities, his ambitions .... this application is made for all those who believe in their dreams and work hard to reach them, because the demands are strong and the opportunities numerous. In the digital era, myRookie connects athletes to each other.

my Rookie

Because we are not born under a lucky star. myRookie was born with desire to give everyone the tools necessary to reach for it. It’s about having the same chances before even entering the field, It’s about having the possibilty to reveal your talent to those who are still unaware of it, It’s about having the will to reach beyond your limits, in order to let your true potential soar. Wherever there is an opportunity, you can shine. Wherever there is a community, you are multiplying your chances of being seen.. Wherever there is a field, you can come into play. myRookie mission: give you every tool possible to be seen so that you never miss another opportunity. myRookie is about applying the strength of new technologies to insure your success. As powerful as any professional social media platform, as simple as any lifestyle application, myRookie jostles the lines of sports recruitment.